11 Images of Detroit Schools Taken by Teachers Who Have to Work There

Can you imagine working—or learning—in these conditions?

Detroit public schools are a mess. So much so that teachers have been practicing the ancient art of the “sick-out,” with as many as two-thirds of teachers participating in that labor action in early January.

Why? Just take a look below.

They’ve begun taking photos of the working conditions that they endure daily, and which the students have to learn in, with the hashtags #DetroitTeachers, #SupportDPSTeachers, and the Twitter handle @TeachDetroit.

It has a lot to do with the financial situation in the city of Detroit, but it’s no coincidence that these problems are happening in a city that is largely African-American. Much like the Flint water crisis, it’s a result of systemic racism, and would never happen in the wealthy white suburbs of Michigan.