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Pop Culture Devotional Candles Skewer Society’s Fame Obsession

Now you can pray to Taylor Swift, patron saint of broken hearts.

Brooklyn-based illustrator Paul Tuller has given physical representation to our society’s obsession with pop idols, and the results are also great home decor accents. Tuller’s line of pop culture devotional candles, appropriately labeled Devotion to Pop, contain tributes to stars like Lana Del Rey (“Light it to be young, be dope, be proud, be American”), Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and the main Belieber, Justin. Just a slight stretch from reality, these candles further allow for the deification of these icons, giving new meaning to the phrase “devout fandom.”

Made with love and a little bit of tongue-in-cheek, each of the 6 candles have been screen-printed by hand, and are based on Tuller’s original art. Tuller also provides fake saint back-stories, the kind you would find on real devotional candles, to further illustrate his point. As Tuller recently told Cool Hunting, “Most of the bodegas around my apartment in Bushwick sell religious seven-day candles and I've always found something really appealing about the colors and low-fi illustrations. I started to do some research and found out there were also seven-day spiritual candles for warding off negativity, for prosperity, and for a better love life. Those spiritual candles are really charming because each one is a single color and the print is never consistent. Making a tribute to pop stars seemed like an entertaining twist on devotional candles and it was also a great excuse to build a mini screen-printing studio in my apartment.”

Check out Tuller’s new take on celebrity culture worship (below) and try your best to choose a favorite. Tuller's Devotion to Pop candles are available online for $25 each.

Lana Del Ray

Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber

FKA Twigs

Miley Cyrus

Harry Styles

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