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Dietary Supplements: Wednesday, February 2 Dietary Supplements: Wednesday, February 2

Dietary Supplements: Wednesday, February 2

by Nicola Twilley

February 4, 2011
Foraging is lucrative as well as fashionable, according to Tyler Gray, last seen carrying "$60,000 worth of white truffles" through New York in a nondescript insulated suitcase.

Ribs-and-cocktail chain Chili's opens its first restaurant in Russia today, part of a trend that sees U.S. food companies targeting an emerging middle class in Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

Only in America: In San Francisco, a "real" Chinese restaurant run by a Korean-American is hidden within an "American" Chinese restaurant run by a first-generation Chinese immigrant couple.

And the highlight of the day: Mark Bittman's manifesto for the future of food. End subsidies for processed foods, mandate truth in labeling, and create a Civilian Cooking Corps. 

Today's extra credit: The "wild delicacies of the Bronx Pipe Smoking Society's first Small Game Dinner" included beaver wrapped in pig skin (to keep it moist), raccoon kofta kebab, deep-fried Colombian big-butt ants, and more. Joshua Bernstein has a full report in the New York Press.

Dietary Supplements is a daily roundup of what we're reading at GOOD Food HQ. Enjoy!

Image: Michael Max Knobbe, executive director of BronxNet, a public access TV show, with the roasted beaver; photo by Kim Fornal via the New York Press.

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Dietary Supplements: Wednesday, February 2