Dinner's Done? Eat Your Plate

Edible plates aren't exactly new; ancient Romans and Greeks supposedly used flatbread as a plate centuries ago—possibly leading to the invention of the sandwich—and early pizzas originally served as plates, too. People still serve bread in bowls. Now design students from Rotterdam have created a new variation on the edible plate with Rollware, a set of laser-cut rolling pins that add custom patterns to bread plates.

The rolling pins have four patterns, and a second set of pins are designed to cut out the plates so they're perfectly round. Once the plate is baked and served with dinner, you can eat it. Unlike a paper plate, it's single-use tableware that won't end up in the trash. Since these are DIY plates that you bake in your own kitchen, there's also no transportation involved, and no energy used in "manufacturing" other than what you'd already be using if you were baking bread for guests.

While a standard ceramic plate makes more sense for everyday eating at home, could edible tableware help replace disposable dishes from restaurants?


Image courtesy of Piet Zwart Institute