Feast Your Eyes: Dinner Plates Designed to Reflect Your Digestion Leah Piepgras' Consumption Dinnerware

Would you eat off an anus—or a dinner plate artistically depicting one? Leah Piepgras hopes you'll give it some thought.

If you were to sit down to a desert on one of Leah Piepgras' plates, you might find an anus or an esophagus—or at least an artistic representation of an intrinsic part of your digestive system.

The line of "Consumption Dinnerware" is designed to make diners think broadly about consumption and the human body and each of the five plates maps out a part of the digestive system. She writes:

They are a reminder of the processes that are taking place within you while you are eating, promoting an exercise in mindfulness.


Even if the series only depicts a tiny fraction of our incredibly complex microbiota—the vast unexplored ecology of 100 trillion microbial cells that make us what we are—it's provocative (if maybe a little disturbing) to be reminded these intriguing, fundamental processes as they happen.

Images ©2011 Leah Piepgras, viaThe New York Times.