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DIY Publishing, By Bicycle: Pop-Up Event Space Inside a Bike Trailer

The Pop-Up Bicycle Trailer holds a booth space for DIY publishing events.

Last year, the publishers of an Australian zine called Bizoo started traveling around Queensland holding DIY workshops. Their biggest challenge? Finding a good space to host the community. Their solution was a handy pop-up booth that can be taken anywhere in a cargo bike trailer.

The publishers worked with designers Matias Chadwich and Nick Ovens to create the Pop-Up Bicycle Trailer. The booth was designed to be easy to assemble, and offers both seating and shade from the sun. The parts are lightweight and compact so they aren't hard to carry on the bike. To make the whole thing even more portable, the trailer and bicycle can both be packed inside a box and taken on a plane as checked luggage.

The team raised funding on Pozible, an Australian crowdfunding site similar to Kickstarter. With the first trailer under construction, they plan to use it to attend a festival in February. As they write on their site:

The Pop Up Bicycle Trailer will allow us to take our workshops to the streets, in an eco friendly and DIY way that allows our pop up workshops to continue across Australia. It also means that instead of sitting in the tour van getting fat between shows, we can jump on our bike, explore the neighbourhood, recharge, stretch our legs and deliver a little unscheduled magic.


Images courtesy of Matias Chadwich and Nick Ovens

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