Does Our Education System Stifle Entrepreneurs?

We've talked a lot about whether we're overhyping college, in general, as well as in places like charter schools. I think we can all agree that while the experience can be valuable, it isn't for everyone, especially entrepreneurs. That's the mantra of Cameron Herold, an entrepreneur and business coach, who says that our educational system is single-mindedly focused on training kids for so-called "good jobs," such as doctors and lawyers. (Our educational system and Indian parents.)

Herold talks about his childhood, which he says effectively trained him to be an entrepreneur. He talks about being an awful student. He couldn't grasp French—even after his parents got him a tutor. He didn't get an allowance. He had to find jobs to do since he was forbidden to get a proper one as an adolescent. So he did odd tasks, like fishing balls out of the water hazard of a local golf course, repackaging them, and selling them for up to $2 a piece.

His argument boils down to finding those excitable kids, who maybe have ADHD or bipolar disorder (which is known as the CEO's disease) and excel in things, such as public speaking, and coaching up their street smart skills. Then, rather than making an army of college-educated, non-creative thinkers, as is also argued by Sir Ken Robinson, you'll have a generation of passionate people who don't expect handouts—or even regular paychecks. (Via ReadWriteStart)


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