Man Pays Court Fine With 21,200 Pennies

Is he a jerk or a hero?

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Few things are as aggravating as a traffic ticket. Not only are the fines way too steep for the average person to pay, many times you have to take time off work to go to court, and your car insurance usually skyrockets. Frisco, Texas resident, Brett Sanders, recently received a ticket for speeding and how he paid it has drawn cheers from many who’ve dreamt of sticking it to the man.

Brett Sanders was recently fined $212 for driving nine miles over the speed limit in his Frisco, Texas neighborhood. “I didn’t hurt anybody,” he told Buzzfeed. “I didn’t endanger anybody. My speed was safe for the conditions around me. I didn’t feel like I owed anybody anything,” The price for the ticket was $79.90, but the court fees jacked the price up to $212.

To protest what Sanders calls “the police state” he got rolls of pennies from two local banks and shoveled the them into two buckets labeled “EXTORTION MONEY” and “POLICING FOR PROFIT.” Sanders then walked the two heavy buckets into his local courthouse and paid his fine by spilling 21,200 pennies in front of the court clerk’s window.

Although Sanders’ actions seem like a small victory for anyone who feels they’ve been unfairly punished by government, the fact that he dumped over 21,200 pennies on the floor and made his local courthouse employees clean them up was a jerk move. His real enemy is the system that makes driving nine miles over the speed limit illegal. Which, in reality, is the same system that makes it safe for all of us to get from point A to B.