Education: Morning Roundup, Dinner Is Served

Morning Roundup:

From the Associated Press: Late-day meals fill empty bellies
More low-income schoolchildren could soon have access to free nutritious dinners. A US Department of Agriculture program in Vermont, 12 other states, and the District of Columbia provides reimbursements for the suppers, served at after-school programs for at-risk children in communities where at least 50 percent of households fall below the poverty level.

From The New York Times: Charter schools’ new cheerleaders: financiers

Wall Street has always put its money where its interests and beliefs lie. But it is far less common that so many financial heavyweights would adopt a social cause like charter schools and advance it with a laserlike focus in the political realm.

From the Los Angeles Times: Mills students and alumnae commemorate a victory for women-only education

In 1990, administrators at the Oakland liberal arts college dropped plans to go coed after the student body revolted. Sticking to its roots turned out to be a wise, if risky, move.

Photo (cc) via Flickr user chidorian.