Education: Morning Roundup, Sustainable School Lunches

Morning Roundup:

From USA Today: Chefs help craft healthier school lunches with local food

On his first day on the job as director of food and nutrition for Baltimore City Schools, chef Tony Geraci brought in 40,000 pounds of tree-ripened, Maryland-grown peaches for students.

From The Washington Post: Obama urges House to pass emergency funding for teachers

President Obama urged House lawmakers to pass emergency funding for teachers, Tuesday.

From The New York Times: House Passes $26 Billion in State Aid

The House interrupted its summer recess to approve $26 billion in aid to school districts and states to prevent large-scale layoffs of teachers and public employees.

From The New York Times: Pulling an All-Nighter for the College Application

Deans of admission are sounding a cautionary note: a premium is placed on thoughtfulness, not speed.

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