Education: Morning Roundup

Morning Roundup:

From The Washington Post: Obama's plan to reward schools for innovation sparks congressional debate
Plan to reward innovation over need splits congressional Democrats.

From the Associated Press: In China, academic cheating is rampant

When professors in China need to author research papers to get promoted, many turn to people like Lu Keqian.

From The New York Times: Study Finds a 1.2 Percent Increase in Faculty Pay, the Smallest in 50 Years

Salaries for this academic year are 1.2 percent higher than last year, the smallest increase recorded in the survey’s 50 years.

From The New York Times: Bill Would Allow Layoffs of Teachers With Seniority

Education officials do not want to follow the rule of last hired, first fired, if they must lay off teachers for economic reasons.

Photo (cc) via Flickr user euthman.