Ellen DeGeneres Rips Up the Whole Dumb Starbucks Cup Controversy 

by Craig Carilli

November 11, 2015

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Who knew a plain red cup could cause so much trouble? After Starbucks unveiled their new holiday cup recently, some people were upset that it lacked any reference to Christmas. Apparently, not including snowflakes and tree ornaments on their holiday containers is a direct assault on Christmas. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to have a little fun with this ridiculous controversy, Ellen Degeneres added her two cents to the argument on her show this week. In this  funny clip, she not only hilariously rips the whole silly controversy to shreds, but also comes up with a brilliant, albeit slightly expensive solution for all those deeply offended by this little red cup.


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Ellen DeGeneres Rips Up the Whole Dumb Starbucks Cup Controversy