This Simple Experiment Showed Guys What It’s Like To Be A Woman In Congress

‘I thought it was real biased. This is not right’

Even though the overall population in America is close to a 50/50 split between men and women, men make up roughly 80 percent of Congress. Not only is that a crazy disparity, it inevitably has a huge impact on what laws are passed and who is more regularly represented on the national stage.

So, a high-school teacher decided to do a fun thought experiment in which he decided to show his class what it would be like if the decisions in their lives were decided with the same ratio as members of Congress. Even though the kids in the class were roughly split even between boys and girls, 80 percent of the votes were given to the girls to decide questions like:

Girls Get A 21 Percent Discount On All School Related Items

Boys Must Give Girls A 2 Minute Head Start To Their Next Class

All Boys Must Use Locker Rooms On The Second Floor

Needless to say, all of the “laws” passed, with the girls in the glass easily controlling the final vote, much to the dismay of the boys, who said things like:

“I was astounded.”

“I thought it was real biased. This is not right.”

Now, one high-school experiment isn’t going to change the world. But if more classrooms did this, it might help the next generation what true equality means, and what gender bias feels like, before they become the next ones to head to the polls on Election Day.


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