ExxonMobil (Yes, that ExxonMobil) Is Making an Electric Car

So far, we've known ExxonMobil as an oil company with a knack for spilling things and making money hand over fist. Now they're getting into the electric car manufacturing game. These are strange times.Their car, developed in conjunction with the battery company Electrovaya, is called the Maya 300. It's an all-electric plug-in that looks like a mini Mercedes M class. They're promising it drives up to 120 miles on a single charge and are hoping to make it available to consumers within about two years.Gas2.0 has some of the specs:"The Maya 300 charges in 8-10 hours, plugs into a regular household 110 volt outlet and will be available to consumers for around $20-25,000 in 2011. To my knowledge, this will be one of the most affordable consumer electric vehicles on the market. The Tesla Sedan sells for around $50,00, the Chevy Volt is expected to retail around $30,000 and the bare-bone Toyota Prius starts at $22,000."Unlike the car companies, the oil companies have piles and piles of money. Their transition to a new energy economy can actually be pretty smooth if they make moves like this.UPDATE: ExxonMobil is apparently instead part of a "partnership" that's responsible for the Maya 300. Exxon's contribution was some new lithium-ion battery technology. The cars themselves are going to be made by a subsidiary of Electrovaya.