Facial Hair and Microloans, Together at Last

What do facial hair and microloans have in common? Nothing, really. That's what makes the web-based Build a Beard project so fun.You drop by their site , select one of their digital beards, put it on your face (with Photoshop or tape or whatever), and send them the picture. For every image they get, the folks behind the project will add $1 to a Kiva account. The world benefits from microloans to the developing world. And from a gallery of people wearing ridiculous beards.Or, as the text on Build a Beard puts it, "help real people in the developing world by putting a fake beard on your real face."Build a Beard is the product of design firm atto . They explain: "We think and design for organizations whose values we share. We made this page because we think Kiva is great and we'd like to have a bit of fun while giving them some money."Hard to argue with that.