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Last Year Alone, 48 Cars Crashed Into This Family’s Dangerously Situated Home

Almost once a week, an out of control car strikes this family’s house

Imagine you’re sitting down with your family to a nice dinner, making pleasant conversation and recounting how each of you spent your day. Then, if you can, picture the shock, confusion, and abject fear that would race through your body if an errant car barreled into your home with no forewarning.

Not a great experience, right?

Well, now imagine that nightmare scenario takes place once per week.

That’s the fate one family in Belonging, northern China, has endured. In 2016, their home was struck 48 times by cars speeding off a highway, unable to make the sharp 90-degree turn the road follows, then crashing into the family’s house.

Beijing Youth Daily

This aerial image from Google Maps reveals the problematic condition as cars fail to complete the sharp left, sending them into the yard and house on the outside of the turn.

Google Maps

Wife Xu Renxiang and husband He Haijun, occupied the house during more peaceful times, prior to the road’s construction seven years ago. Now they have a young daughter and a very bizarre condition that could turn deadly at any time. According to the Beijing Youth Daily, the couple estimates their home has suffered more than 100 collisions since then. The family, awaiting the results of a county safety audit of the condition (spoiler alert: it’s unsafe), has constructed a makeshift barricade of bricks, sand, and gravel to keep wayward cars from damaging the structure of the house.

In the meantime, the couple has banned their daughter from playing in the front yard until they find a satisfactory resolution to this terrifying problem.

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