Finally, a Tumblr That Puts Textbook Silliness on Blast

The "Thanks, Textbooks" blog is collecting examples of the egregious nonsense that shows up in the books our children are supposed to learn from.

I often find myself shaking my head in disbelief at some of the terrible writing and incredibly silly captions, explanations, images, and word problems that make it into textbooks. Some of the most egregious examples of the ridiculousness that somehow makes it into print—and is used to educate the nation's students—are being put on blast via the Tumblr "Thanks, Textbooks: A Collection of the World's Finest Academic Writing."

The Tumblr, which is updated every Monday, is operated by a textbook vendor named Karl. Karl writes that he can't blame students for not wanting to read their textbooks, "Especially when they contain algebra problems like this: 'The ratio of hugs to kisses at the family reunion was 4:1. If there were 148 hugs, how many kisses were there?'" Karl wants to crowdsource his Tumblr, so if you know of "other examples of brilliant writing" and images, send them his way by emailing

Hat tip Josh Keller and Lori Crouch. Photo via Thanks, Texbooks