Five Ideas: Jeffrey Middleton Five Ideas: Jeffrey Middleton

Five Ideas: Jeffrey Middleton

by Jeffrey Middleton

April 16, 2010

Client "The N" network (now TeenNick)

I like drawing birds, especially a dark, menacing bird such as this. I also like drawing cartoony bird feet, although I couldn't say precisely why.

Client "The N" network (now TeenNick)

I also like drawing skulls. Like most things I draw, this is very simple, but I think it shows elemental skull-ness. Skeleton structure is always interesting to me, perhaps because I also love to read about archaeology.

Client Newsweek, for a Richard Dawkins article

This is a fronkey: a frog/monkey combination. While this is obviously nothing you'd find in a zoo, it somehow seems to make sense to me. Creatures of any type are fun to draw, but the odder the funner.

Client (killed)

This is part of a project that I was asked to do a few drawings for that never came to fruition. The mouse is clearly very distressed, but is a survivor, and I like that.

Client SEED, for an article on GMO foods

This is a "frankenfood" creature. I like the idea of genetically altered foods looking like this and waving to shoppers from the grocery shelf.

Inspiration I am inspired by the patterns and shapes that are found in everyday life—in animals, body structure, plants, rocks, etc. I like the simple images and shapes you can also find if you look at patterns and swirls in wood, water, or even in ceiling spackle—faces, animals, strange creatures. I used to sit for hours as a kid and find faces and shapes on the ceiling.

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Five Ideas: Jeffrey Middleton