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Five Things Kids Can Teach Us About Change-Making

The first "GOOD Ideas" Google+ Hangout on the topic of unconventional ways to positively engage youth.


In the first episode of our "GOOD Ideas" series using Google+ Hangout, Casey Caplowe, Co-Founder and Creative Director of GOOD, talked with special guests Miles Jackson (Cuba Skate), Claire Laver (Paine Skatepark), Joel Arquillos (826LA), and Kristina von Hoffman (Alliance for Climate Education) about unconventional ways to positively engage youth. It was our first time using this format (oops, the first couple of minutes didn't record), but we captured some great insights and inspiring ideas from the participants and we're excited about future editions. Here's some of what we learned, as well as the video.
How to see the world from young eyes. "[As a kid], you're just getting around on your skateboard and public transportation and you have a different perspective on, you know, proximity of public space and what the neighborhood next to you is like versus your community," said Claire Laver. I think they brought the perspective to the table for me in terms of identifying spaces and working with adjacent communities."
How to connect with others. "Creating these experiences where young people can connect with one individual, one adult, on a regular basis… actually, many adults, different folks on different days," said Arquillos. "They need that connection. They need an adult that they could talk to, that they could connect to. And I feel like we forget that."
How to take ideas to action. "[Because of] their participation in the leadership trainings, because of their participation in the rallies, they're actually not only thriving here in the space with ACE but going out, talking to others about it and also taking the seed of that leadership and the seed of that creativity and spreading it out into the world," said van Hoffman. "[They're] really exercising their own will in this sphere of influence to be able to embody leadership on a daily basis and beyond. That's been most inspiring for me here in LA."
How to live in the moment. "[They've taught me] the joy of being able to skateboard and not having to worry about whatever's going on politically, economically, later on today with your girlfriend, whatever and just seeing that release that they have that I still feel when I get on my skateboard," said Jackson.
Understanding what it means to be a community. "There's a big lack of resources but everybody pitches in to help out," said Jackson. "If there's a group of ten kids and there are only three skateboards because all the rest are broken, everybody shares. If there are no rice and beans at someone's house then you borrow them from a neighbor."

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