For Clean Energy Investments, China's the New Leader

The accounting firm Ernst & Young has released its quarterly report ranking countries based on their attractiveness as a place to invest in clean energy projects. China took the lead for the first time.

Here's a bit more about the methodology from Bloomberg:

The accounting firm compared regulations, access to capital, availability of land, planning barriers, subsidies and access to the power-delivery grid when determining the ranking, which started in 2003.

“China has all the benefits of capital, government will, and it’s a massive market,” Ben Warren, Ernst & Young’s environment and energy infrastructure advisory leader, said in a telephone interview. “We would expect to see China retaining a dominant position.”


Passing a comprehensive energy bill (apparently a lost hope for 2010) would have helped, and still could.

Image: Solar panels in Kunming (cc) by Flickr user Matthijs Koster