China's Renewable Energy Growth Now Outpaces Coal

At the risk of looking at a very polluted part of the world through rose-colored glasses, here's a nice bit of energy news from China.

New official Chinese stats show that the nation's renewable energy capacity is now growing faster than its coal plants. Through the end of 2009 nearly 180 GW of new power capacity was under construction, with the growth of renewables outpacing coal by some 16 GW. All told, low-carbon energy sources (hydro, nuclear, and renewables) will account for 250 GW, or 26% of China's power capacity, by the end of 2010.

Of course, coal still provides most of China's power, so let's hope this trend of faster renewable energy growth continues. Head to Treehugger to read the full post, and to see how China stacks up against the United States.

Photo (cc) by Flickr user The Russians Are Here.