Found in Translation Found in Translation
Issue 014

Found in Translation

by Adam K. Raymond

January 14, 2009
When it comes to reading, there's a lopsided exchange between the English-speaking world and everyone else. A full 50 percent of all books in translation are translated from English, with only 3 percent translated into English. Words Without Borders, a monthly online magazine of translated international literature, aims to rectify that. Founded by Alane Salierno Mason, WWB has published more than 1,000 translated works- including short stories, excerpts, graphic novels, and poems-from 106 countries, in 79 language. By exposing readers to the art and the perspectives of the unknown, Mason hopes to allow for more international communication. WWB's first issue, titled "Literature of the Axis of Evil," was a fitting start: The Axis of Evil was the kind of "broad-brush labeling that is symptomatic of what [brought this whole project] about," says Mason.
Congolese writer Alain Mabanckou's African PsychoTranslated by Christine Schwartz Hartley for WWB in 2005Published by Soft Skull Press in 2007
Moroccan writer Abdelilah Hamdouchi's Final BetTranslated by Jonathan Smolin for WWB in 2006Published by American University in Cairo Press 2008
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Found in Translation