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Family Finds Frozen Kitten in the Snow, Administers Life-Saving CPR

They say a cat has nine lives.

It’s said that a cat has nine lives. The kitten in this story blew through about 8.99 after being around only a few weeks. On Thanksgiving morning, November 26, the Bingham family ran out of their cabin in Bear Lake, Utah, to play in a foot of fresh snow that had fallen overnight. Branden Bingham was taking video of his kids when his oldest son discovered a lifeless kitten buried in the snow. It was frozen, but not completely stiff, so the Binghams thought there might be a slight chance they could bring it back to life.

Like trained paramedics, they rushed the frozen kitty inside the warm cabin, where Branden’s brother, Justin, who had taken veterinary classes at BYU, performed CPR by repeatedly pumping his thumb on the tiny kitten’s chest. After about an hour, the family gave up on the poor feline and went back out to play in the snow to cheer themselves up.

When they returned to the cabin, the kitten had begun to breathe on its own. “I thought to myself, ‘We just witnessed a miracle,’” Branden said. The family named the kitten Lazarus after the biblical character who rose from the dead. After returning from the precipice of kitty heaven, Lazarus was nursed back to health with a whole plate of Thanksgiving salmon. Lazarus is now living a happy and healthy life with one of Branden’s cousins.

(H/T Fox 13 News)

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