Brave Pilot Takes Down A Drunk Passenger Who Assaulted A Flight Attendant

‘You don't put your hands on my flight attendant!’

An unnamed American Airlines pilot is being hailed as a hero and not just for his flying abilities, but for taking down a drunk passenger who injured a flight attendant. On July 21, a heavily-intoxicated passenger, 25-year-old Michael Kerr, began to act unruly on a flight from Lexington, Kentucky, to Charlotte, North Carolina. The video was shot by 23-year-old Brian Colón, a flight attendant for Norwegian Airlines. “We landed and were taxiing, and waiting for the jet bridge to arrive at the exit door and the man started screaming, ‘Let’s go, go’,” he told The News & Observer.

The passenger, who allegedly drank three Jack Daniels’ whiskeys during the flight, proceeded to throw a female flight attendant to the ground and threatened to break the pilot’s jaw. “I was scared. I was very scared. I felt like the flight attendant’s life was in danger, and I felt like someone else needed to step in, the way he treated her,” Colón said. Then the pilot sprang into action.

“Enough! You don’t put your hands on my flight attendant!” the pilot yelled before grabbing Kerr and throwing him down into the aisle. The pilot subdued Kerr and held him for 20 minutes while waiting for the police to arrive. Since the attack, Kerr has been charged with assault, interfering with the duties of the flight crew, and public intoxication. The injured flight attendant is currently undergoing physical therapy for the injuries she sustained in the attack.

via Jim Browing / YouTube

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