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8-Year-Old Girl Gives A Perfect Explanation Of The Problem With ‘Boys’ And ‘Girls’ Clothing

She explain the stereotyping problem as well as anyone ever has.

When she was walking the aisles of Tesco, an English supermarket chain, Daisy Edmonds noticed themes that ran rampant in boys’ and girls’ clothing. Girls’ clothing was adorned with words and phrases such as “Beautiful,” “I Feel Fabulous,” and a cryptic one that read simply, “Hey!” Nothing too shocking or objectionable. Familiar, even.

But when she saw the options for boys, the shirts read “Hero,” “Think Outside The Box,” and “Desert Adventure Awaits.” Again, nothing too crazy.

Nonetheless, something about the array of choices for boys and those for girls rubbed Daisy the wrong way. Her mom pulled out the camera to document the moment, aware that her daughter, who happened to be wearing her karate outift, was on the verge of something insightful.

Here’s what she captured:

The video has been viewed over a million times on Facebook, meaning Daisy’s message is getting around. She says in the video:

It’s unfair because everyone thinks girls should just be pretty and boys should just be adventurous… I think that’s wrong because why should boys and girls clothes even be separated, because we’re just as good as each other.

She was also befuddled by the simple “Hey!” on the girls’ shirts. She wondered aloud, “What part of ‘Hey!’ is great? I just don’t get it.”

It benefits people of all ages to open a dialogue on this sort of casual stereotyping that we may have grown accustomed to, but it’s especially heartening to see that even the kids targeted with this sort of clothing are skeptical of what manufacturers think they should be broadcasting with their clothing.

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