A 10-Year-Old’s Poignant Letter Explains Why She’ll Miss School For ‘A Day Without A Woman’

One look at this letter and you’ll be able to tell this is a special person

March 8th is traditionally observed around the world as International Women’s Day, but in light of the threat perceived by the current political administration, many are rebranding the observation as A Day Without A Woman. Labeled a “one-day demonstration of economic solidarity," organizers are urging women, when possible, to take the day off from work, to avoid spending money, and to wear red as an act of dissent. Protest marches are also scheduled in various cities.

You can learn more about the activities and the goals of the events on the Women’s March website.

While discussing the events and their significance with her 10-year-old daughter, Laura Moreschi saw that her daughter had written a remarkably poignant (and polite) note to her principal requesting the day off so she could “write a letter to the editor, contact her congressman, and do whatever I can to make my voice heard.”

Considering she’s going to use the time productively and complete her assignments early, that principal will be hard-pressed to withhold permission. I wouldn’t want to get on this girl’s bad side. She seems like someone who, even at 10, knows how to get stuff done.