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There’s nothing more gross than when a guy asks a woman he just met online for nude photos. This happens far too often on online dating sites and puts women in potentially dangerous situations. After sending the photo, she has no control over who will see it or how it’ll be used. Plus, any man worth dating wouldn’t put a woman in a compromising position to begin with. That’s why this woman’s perfect response to a guy’s nude request is going viral.

“Some a**hole online F***boy kept hammering me for nudes,” wrote imgur user leonaloir. “He got what he asked for.” So she sent him photos of thighs and breasts, but they appeared to be shot at a chicken restaurant and not in her bedroom.

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The photo encouraged some amazing chicken puns on imgur:

“Oh man I guarantee he DIPPED outta there after you asked him to sauce you.” – DoctorWhoots420

“Seems like he chickened out. But damn, those pictures gave me fowl thoughts.” – KeeperofKNAWLEDGE

“He could have used a wingman.” – keikikahuna

“I've heard of being catfished...but being chickened!” – Apelehamamama