Go Hoosiers. Indiana U Opens a Center for Global Health

Indiana University has just committed millions of dollars to a center devoted to solving the health problems of the developing world. What will it do?

American Universities are competing in more than sports. Indiana University (of Hoosiers fame) just opened the IU Center for Global Health, a year after Boston University's Center for Global Health and Development made a splash last year.

Dr. Robert Einterz, the center's new director, explains that center doesn't have a definite mission:

We can speak in more philosophical terms about what we hope it will accomplish. We live in an increasingly interconnected world. What happens beyond our borders impacts our daily lives and our economic, social, physical and mental well-being. As individuals, we can choose to hide from that reality, or, we can embrace that reality and seek ways to engage as world citizens. The hope is that the center will foster relationships between IU and other institutions around the world for the purpose of nurturing health and addressing health disparities.

IU has a partnership with a university in Kenya upon which it plans to base further relationships run the center. Will we soon be seeing global health centers at all prominent universities? One can hope.