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GOOD 100: Meet Jason Silva, 'Performance Philosopher'

Jason Silva, dubbed a “Performance Philosopher” by the TED Conference, is a media artist and filmmaker whose work centers on the connection...

Jason Silva, dubbed a “Performance Philosopher” by the TED Conference, is a media artist and filmmaker whose work centers on the connection between the human condition and technology.
Silva, a graduate of the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, has produced and directed a slew of short documentary films, including The Immortalists, which profiles scientists and philosophers like Ray Kurzweil, and “Radical Openness,” which premiered at TEDGlobal 2012.
Silva got his start working at Current TV, Al Gore’s independent cable network, for six years, doing everything from writing to hosting. An active and prolific speaker, Jason has spoken at TEDGlobal, keynoted at SXSW Interactive, spoken at Google, and keynoted events for Microsoft, IBM, INTEL, Electronic Arts, and Oracle.
Silva has also created videos for GE, Samsung, Adobe and Autodesk. He was a featured speaker at The Economist Ideas Festival, The Festival of Dangerous Ideas, the DLD Conference in Munich, The Singularity Summit, the PSFK Conference, Mexico's Ciudad De Las Ideas, and Seattle's Interactive Conference.


This year, Silva will continue to produce his non-commercial short films exploring the co-evolution of humans and technology and always looking for new collaborators, composers, editors and organizations to work with and help support these "philosophical espresso shots."
Look out for Silva’s newest project with the National Geographic Channel, Brain Games, a pop science series that will air on April 22 at 9pm ET/PT.

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