GOOD and Pepsi Partnership Enters the Next Phase GOOD and Pepsi Partnership Enters the Next Phase

GOOD and Pepsi Partnership Enters the Next Phase

by Ben Goldhirsh

February 2, 2010
Through 2010, Pepsi will be granting millions of dollars in grants of $5,000 to $250,000 to individuals, businesses, or nonprofits. Anyone who has a project to push the world forward, this is for you.I'm extremely proud that GOOD is involved in this effort at a concept and execution level. From the beginning our mission was not just about helping individuals live well and do good, but about supporting businesses in this pursuit as well. That we're manifesting this objective at this scale, and that millions of dollars will soon be in the hands of social entrepreneurs is thrilling. I can't wait to see the impact these projects have as they get going throughout the year.That a major brand like Pepsi is taking a stand and saying that purpose and progress are core to its identity is critical.Let's all hope that Pepsi has much competition in this sense, and that a brand's role in pushing the world forward becomes a defining characteristic. At the highest level, it is very exciting to feel the Refresh Project as a new and significant pulse in this shift that is upon us-where individuals, businesses, and nonprofits all start playing like we're in this together, and that together we're going to solve our problems and push toward our potential.To everyone in the GOOD community who has put effort and interest and energy into getting us to a place where we can play a role like this, hell yeah. We're just getting started.Ben Goldhirsh is the founder and CEO of GOOD.Illustration by Robert A. Di Ieso, Jr.
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GOOD and Pepsi Partnership Enters the Next Phase