GOOD Design Daily: Buy a Print, Support the Film Urbanized

Support Gary Hustwit's newest film about the design of cities by purchasing one of these beautiful prints by the U.K.-based firm Build.

The final film in director Gary Hustwit's "design trilogy" is the new documentary Urbanized, which focuses on the design of our cities. You'll remember that Hustwit made two of what are almost certainly the very best design documentaries we've ever seen, Helvetica (about type and graphic design) and Objectified (about product design). And now, as he ventures out into the urban environment, he's enlisted the U.K.-based firm Build to create four posters promoting the film.

This is the second time Build has designed the poster for Hustwit's film; their poster for Objectified featured silhouettes of every single product featured in the film, in the order of appearance. (Kind of like a roster of extras, if you think about it.) Here they've visualized four major themes in the film, from parks and public space (above), to transportation and mobility, to housing and real estate, and don't forget the oh-so-sexy world of infrastructure.

Each print is $125 and proceeds benefit the film's production. Should you order all four for $400 (and why wouldn't you?), you'll get thanked in the credits. Like a real Hollywood producer!