GOOD Design Daily: The Prettiest Capital Letters You've Ever Seen

Jessica Hische has designed almost 300 customized "drop caps," those decorative characters that open a paragraph. And you're welcome to use them.

raphic designer and illustrator Jessica Hische knows her alphabet very well. She's drawn it almost twelve times from A to Z. But in Hische's hands, Ps and Qs can be transformed into different styles ranging from girly to silly. An I is carved into a veritable work of art. And a G is just perfect for announcing the beginning of an important new paragraph. Like this one.

Now she's collected all those gorgeously-illustrated characters, known to graphic designers and magazine editors as "drop caps," on a new site, Daily Drop Cap. Since September 2009, Hische has been creating a new letter each day ("or at least regularly," she quips), and the site features almost 300 characters. In the spirit of sharing, she's also offering up the code, along with directions for using her lovely letters on your personal website. The only challenge is coming up with an opening sentence that's worthy of her clever, customized capitals.