GOOD Guide: to North Korea, Politics for Breakfast, Politics for Supper (sec. 5 of 10)

GOOD Guide to North Korea, Politics for Breakfast, Politics for Supper (sec. 5 of 10)

North Koreans awake to state radio exhorting them to begin another day building the revolution. The working day starts around 7:30 a.m. with a 30-minute reading session that includes studying the daily editorial in the party papers. At lunch, the radio is back on and the walls of the company cafeteria are covered in more party newspapers. Most people are required to remain at the office after work for the daily "Community Session" and "Learning Session." At the Community Session there is a discussion of the results of the day's work, an evaluation of progress, and an anticipation of the next day's tasks. The Learning Session is more overtly political and can include a "Political Ideology Learning Session" to outline and disseminate party policy.Younger citizens get no reprieve-the school day starts with morning exercises to revolutionary songs before finishing with a session of marching and saluting the image of Kim Jong Il. The curriculum is based around Kim Il Sung's "Thesis on Socialist Education," emphasizing the political role of education in developing revolutionary spirit. All children study Kim Il Sung's life closely. There's no break in college, either-even the most advanced university courses require that 20 percent of the curriculum be devoted to Juche theory.