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GOOD Maker Challenge Winner: Neverware Keeps School Computers Going Strong Year After Year

This post is brought to you by GOOD, with support from UPS. We’ve teamed up to bring you the Small Business Collaborative, a series sharing stories about innovative small businesses that are changing business as usual for their communities and beyond. Learn how UPS is helping small businesses work better and more sustainably here.

In October of last year GOOD + UPS launched the GOOD Maker Savings Side of Business challenge, in an effort to reward small business owners who are developing smart, forward-thinking strategies that make them more efficient.

Submissions to the challenge came from small business owners across the US. After careful deliberation, we are pleased to announce that the winning $10K grant will go to Neverware, a venture-backed tech company whose “JuiceBox server” helps schools transform slow-performing computers into good-as-new machines. Currently, schools are forced to go through computers every couple of years as the machines become slow and buggy. With one Neverware Juicebox, a school can power 40 stand-alone computers, laptops or desktops, keeping them running like new year in and year out.

Fifty New York public schools already use the Neverware system, powering some machines that are more than a decade old. And with the New Common Core curriculum going into effect this year requiring more computer-based testing, the Juicebox is perfectly positioned to expand and keep up with increased demand for reliable and fast computers.

Neverware plans to use their $10K grant on eco-friendly office supplies as they move into a new space, including refurbished machines, energy-efficient lighting, and paper-saving solutions, such as whiteboards, projectors, and cloud-based services.

What’s next for Neverware? Connecting with schools in other major metropolitan areas, settling into their new office, and of course developing more Juicebox servers to help ensure that students aren’t being held back by slow technology.

Stay up on Neverware’s progress! Find them on Twitter @Neverware, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn.

View their winning submission here

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