GOOD Movies

Directed by David Sington. Opens in New York and Los Angeles.

"In the Shadow of the Moon is such a morale booster. The power of its archival images hasn't diminished with familiarity. There is Earth, spinning in space, a blue and green paradise ringed with clouds. And there is the moon's surface, up close and forbidding, with shadowy craters like pockmarks: a place of absolute desolation. Yes, we did it."

Review by Stephen Holden, The New York Times.

Directed by Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda. Playing at the Laemmle's Grand in Downtown LA.

"When we heed an advertisement, is it a choice or a surrender? That's a question given a vigorous working-over in the politically prankish documentary Czech Dream, about a controversial 2003 hoax in which filmmakers Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda created a massive Prague-wide ad campaign for a new, low-price, everything-you'd-want "hypermarket" (a big box store, essentially) that thousands of early-rising citizens discovered on opening day was nothing more than a scaffold-held facade in an open field."

Review by Robert Abele, The Los Angeles Times.