GOOD Video: How One Small Business Teed Up Internet Success


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After landing a job in the golfing industry when they were about 14 years old, brothers Todd and Steve Messineo discovered not only a passion for the game but also a love for the business. In 1993, they combined their passions and opened their own store, Budget Golf, but when the economy crashed they turned to ecommerce to keep the business afloat. Thinking they'd see a small reduction in sales, the Messineos weren't prepared to find that, to their surprise, sales grew by 205 percent.

Instead of facing a budget shortfall, the brothers faced the problem of not having the capacity to meet customer demand and process orders. Watch the video above to see how the Messineos found a way to implement new technology to make their business thrive, and turned their passion into a successful online business all while passing savings onto their customers.