GOODCo Video: At WET, Water Is Reimagined

The GOOD Company Project visits the Idea Playground.


Water Entertainment Technology designs water features—the nine acres of fountains at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas—or even grander, the 30-acre Dubai Fountain, the largest in the world. WET was founded by a group of former Disney Imagineers, including CEO Mark Fuller, who developed a unique “laminar-flow” nozzle as an engineering student. That nozzle is one of the innovations that make WET’s creations so unusual; others, developed in WET’s Burbank campus, include low-energy lighting, underwater robots, and even an ice fountain. The campus, which includes a newly opened “Idea Playground,” is home to the engineers, designers, choreographers, animators, and technologists whose collaborations are changing the way people think about water.