Google and NASA's Awesome School of the Future to Be Headed By Man Who Plans to Live In It

The future we mean, not the school. Controversial genius Ray Kuzweil, who has said that he plans to live forever-literally-will apparently be heading up the amazingly cool-sounding Google-NASA-backed futurology school, called Singularity University. Named for Kurzweil's book, in which he posits that computers will one day outsmart mere mortals, the university will offer classes in AI, nanotechnology and biotechnology, among other things.Supplement-popping Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, of the X Prize, have been cooking up the idea for a couple of years now, and this summer it's finally taking form.Thirty graduate and postgraduate students will start classes this summer, forking out $25K for nine weeks of study. We can only imagine the type of geniuses this school is going to attract. You know, scary-smart nerds who peer at you over their spectacles with an ominous look that says "I've looked into the future and I know what is there"? If you want to be one of them, click here.