Ashley Graham Stars in DNCE’s New ‘Toothbrush’ Video

”I applaud DNCE for thinking outside the box with their casting.”

A few months back, GOOD reported onSports Illustrated’s decision to hire size-16 model Ashley Graham to pose in its iconic swimsuit issue. The former Full Figured Fashion Model of the Year’s appearance wasn’t on the back pages either, she was featured on its cover. Now, Graham is breaking ground in another medium that isn’t known for hiring plus-size models: music videos.

Yesterday, Joe Jonas’ band DNCE released the video for their new single, “Toothbrush” and the video stars Graham doing some very sexy things with Jonas. Graham loved the opportunity to break the music video mold. “We had so much fun shooting the video, especially because I got to hang out in my underwear,” she told The Huffington Post. “But more importantly, I applaud DNCE for thinking outside the box with their casting. It’s important that every industry, not just fashion, celebrate diversity.”

When it came to casting the video, Jonas wouldn’t have had it any other way. “To be honest, we really only had one girl in mind,” Jonas told Glamour. “I just find Ashley Graham so beautiful,” he says. “We hit it off, just walked right into it,” Jonas added. “This video was a dream come true.” The video wasn’t just a granted wish for Jonas, women everywhere have praised him for challenging the music industry’s beauty standards.

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