Great-Grandmother Helps Feed 200 Children a Day

“They need to know that somebody cares.”

via YouTube

Recently, the school district in the North Beach area of Gray’s Harbor County, Washington announced they didn’t have the funds to provide free or reduced-price lunches for the children over summer break. So a local resident, great-grandmother Phyllis Shaughnessy, stepped up to help the children of the poverty-stricken area. “It’s a depressed area with no business, no industry, there’s no work. There are no jobs,” Shaughnessy said.

Shaughnessey rounded up a group of volunteers at the kitchen of the Green Lantern Tavern and got to work on providing free lunches to bridge the summer hunger gap. Every morning they assemble to make over 200 lunches, 90 of them are delivered by Shaughnessy herself. Parents look forward to the daily deliveries, “It helps a lot,” said a local mother.

Shaughnessey believes that it’s her duty to help, “We’re all put on Earth to do something...You’re offering hope, love and a lunch. They need to know that somebody cares.” Life will get easier for Phyllis when school starts back up in September, but she’s not taking the school year off entirely. “I’ll be bringing school supplies pretty soon,” she told a local child.