Grumpy Cat Celebrates Net Neutrality Win With a Quick Jaunt Over Comcast HQ

The internet is free!

Following a huge win for net neutrality last week, Battle for the Net decided that it was time to celebrate in true interweb style. Of course, they turned to everyone’s favorite celebrity feline, Grumpy Cat.

On February 26th, the FCC voted to preserve a free internet by instating strong rules that prohibit ISPs from meddling with what we use the internet for, the speed at which we can do so, and the privacy we’re afforded while doing it. The following day, Grumpy Cat took to the sky to celebrate the victory.

Comcast was one ISP that actively lobbied against net neutrality with many supporters in Washington. Naturally, the internet activists deemed the cable giant’s Philadelphia headquarters the perfect place to proudly fly the celebratory Grumpy Cat banner over.

The organization behind the stunt wrote:

“On February 26th, we won net neutrality so that no company or government can control what we see and do on the Internet.

On February 27th, to properly honor what we did together, we sent a message to every goliath monopoly, government, and institution of power in the world. If you mess with the Internet, the Internet will mess with you -- and we will always win.

Our messenger: a 2,000 sq ft Grumpy Cat towed by an airplane.”