Guess Which Animal Is Most Like Humans? (Hint: It's Not Chimps)

So, here's something: Scientists have determined that while genetic similarities make us closely related to occasionally vicious but generally agreeable chimpanzees, we actually have more in common with another animal! Can you guess which one?Being personally afraid of this particular animal, I can't say this is the best news I've heard all week, though it certainly is interesting. When it comes to understanding language, emotional state, and behavioral similarities, turns out scientists are better off studying another animal altogether. Which confirms that man really is a bit of a DOG."In my view, pet dogs can be regarded in many respects as 'preverbal infants in canine's clothing,'" said the Hungarian scientist behind the study, adding that dogs "performed surprisingly well and at a comparable level to the 16-month-old child."I wonder what Jane would have to say about this?Image via