These Are The Items Banned From The Republican Convention

You can bring a gun, but you’ll be arrested for canned goods

As many as 50,000 Americans will travel to Cleveland, Ohio, next week, to attend the Republican National Convention, scheduled to take place from July 18 through July 21, 2016. In preparation for the event, the city has officially announced its list of items banned from the Quicken Loans Arena premises and surrounding 1.7 square-mile area.

While lasers, water cannons, fireworks, axes and cestuses are a no-go, according to the city, guns will be permitted in the area in adherence with the state’s open-carry law.

While guns are not included in the extensive list of the 72 banned items, the U.S. Secret Service present at the RNC will host its own security zone at the venue, where it will ban any gun or weapon usually permitted by federal law, according to CNN.

On Wednesday, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson addressed the announcement in a press conference, saying, “Our intent is to follow the law. And if the law says you can have open carry, that's what it says. Whether I agree with it or not is another issue.”

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams also spoke to the matter, acknowledging the fine print that accompanies Ohio’s open-carry law. He said, “There are certain things that go along with open carry that [a] person has to do. You can't menace people, you can't brandish your weapon.”

Learn more about the full list of items restricted from the Republic National Convention and additional event zone regulations here.

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