Dude responds to his own ‘Wanted’ post on Facebook and starts a bro-mance with the local PD.

His responses read like a bizarre Tinder hook-up.

Ed Uthman / Flickr

There are people who have run-ins with the law so often, they begin to develop a casual relationship with their local authorities. These so-called “frequent fliers” are known by name to their local patrol officers and judges.

One such frequent flier for the Richland Police Department in Washington state is Anthony Akers. According to the Tri-City Herald, he is a regular at Benton County Superior Court with a history of illegally possessing prescription drugs, resisting arrest, and violating protection orders.

Recently, the Richland PD put out a Facebook post for “Wanted Wednesday’ calling for Akers to turn himself in to the local precinct.

Surprisingly, five hours later, Akers responded to the post saying he was going to turn himself in.

via Richmond Police Department

via Richmond Police Department

Not surprisingly, Akers failed to appear. So, five days later, the Richland Police Department put out another Facebook post on “Morose Wednesday” asking Akers, “Is it us?” like a jilted lover.

Akers followed the Richland’s PD’s shtick saying, “It’s not you, it’s me,” and that he’ll turn himself in the next day.

via Richland Police Department

This time, Akers made good on his word, and turned himself in to the sweethearts at the Richmond PD.

via Richland Police Department