Hateful Anti-Gay Ad Beautifully Mocked by Parody

A conservative group released a homophobic anti-gay-marriage ad. The people fought back with parody.

Not too long after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of gay marriage, the conservative nonprofit group Catholic Vote released a painfully hilarious video called “Not Alone.” The video, structured similarly to “coming-out” videos, featured very kind bigots “coming out” about their fear of gay marriage. While the video was loudly derided, a group of comedians decided the best way to protest it was with a brilliant spoof, exposing the actors for who they are: idiots.

Released by SoundlyAwake, the group criticizes Catholic Vote for trying to disguise their homophobia as a form of oppression. In the original video, the group had the audacity to claim that people just “don’t understand” their homophobic anxiety. Consequently, much like gay people, they’ve had to “come out of the closet” about their fears and risk terrible oppression. For many viewers, it was a challenge to see how the dangers of coming out of closet about your sexuality (and risking hate crimes) paralleled the dangers of coming out of the closet about your homophobia (and risking parody videos).

Thankfully, SoundlyAwake’s video is picking up votes, fast. And while Catholic Vote’s video might have a following, the Supreme Court already made their decision. As a great poet once said, “Neeneer neeneer neeener.”

Check out the parody video above, or the original, below.

(Via: Queerty)


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