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Health Candy?! These Super Models and Movie Stars Are Betting On It (Video)

If you take the junk out of junk food, what do you have? A slew of celebrities owning a candy company they can dig into. Plus an awesome ad video.

Michael Pollan suggested in his Eater's Manifesto don't eat foods with more than five ingredients or with anything in it that you can't pronounce. Let's call those tongue twisting food-related ingredients the junk. Candy earned the nickname junk food because the ingredients list often reads like the high school science experiment.

But times are changing and markets are growing. As healthy living expands from new age to mainstream, the pronouncable offerings are spreading to previously uncharted realms of the food pyramid.

The admirable snack company Kind bears the slogan "ingredients you can see and pronounce" and does a monthly act of kindess voted on by snack bar eaters. Last month they helped provide school uniforms to needy kids at one elementary school. The website doesn't really offer much follow-up data for the hard-headed healthy eaters who want to see how the trail-mix type bars are changing the world, but the spirit points to a new tribe of food consumers.

Now we have a super model investing and promoting healthy junk food without the junk: Unreal Candy. In fact, the list of things they don't put in the candy is about as long as a usual ingredients list: No HMOs, No Corn Syrups, No Hydrogenateds, No Artificials. Instead they use cacao, peanuts, nougat and "real food."

Unreal Candy says it has removed the junk from candy after "two years of research and reformulation." That and celebrity recruiting with investors like Giselle Bundchen, Tom Brady, John Legend, and Matt Damon, how could they not release a killer launch video?

It's interesting to see what brings movie stars together. And that some high tech effort and slick filmmaking has been put to use bringing us better sweets.


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