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Woman Saves 100 Dogs From Being Eaten at Dog-Meat Festival

Yang Xiaoyun traveled over 1600 miles and paid $1,100 US to rescue nearly 100 dogs.

Image via youtube screen capture

100 dogs in Yulin are now safe from being eaten at the annual dog-meat festival, thanks to the bravery of Yang Xiaoyun. Xiaoyun traveled over 1600 miles and paid 7,000 yuan ($1,100 U.S.) to rescue nearly 100 dogs from cramped, inhumane cages at Yulin. The rescued dogs were destined to be slaughtered and eaten alongside 10,000 others at the annual festival. The dogs will join over 3,000 at her rescue center in Tianjin.

This wasn’t Xiaoyun’s first journey to Yulin. Last year, she saved over 400 dogs and cats, costing the retired woman $24,000. Xiaoyun’s work costs her the funds needed to feed, house, and provide medical attention to the dogs at her home, as well. She’s even been ostracized by members of her family due to her unwavering dedication to her work. Xiaoyun is a devout Buddhist that believes, “All lives are equal.” Xiaoyun has stated in interviews that “No matter what happens, I will never give up on them.”

Image via Asia One

Recently, the 2015 Yulin Festival has gained a lot of attention as animal rights activists across the world have come together to condemn the event. Plus, outrage is growing in China beacuse many of the dogs that are killed are family pets stolen from people’s yards or strays that were picked up in the streets. Eating dog is legal in China as long as vendors adhere to Chinese food safety laws.

Here’s a profile on Xiaoyun from 2013.

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