This 4-Year-Old Flower Girl Was a Little Confused About Who the Bride Was

This wedding photo really takes the cake.

Image via Leah Bullard Photography

Children at weddings are usually pretty adorable, but this 4-year-old flower girl really stole the show. Anthony Palmer and Michelle Hall were married in Knoxville last weekend, but Hall’s daughter, Anderson, was convinced that she was the bride. This resulted in a moment of hilarious confusion captured by wedding photographer Leah Bullard.

“I was setting up the bridal party to take the bridal party photographs, like I do at every wedding, and so I took a few shots of that, and then I said, ‘Okay, I need the bride and groom to kiss.’ So, when I said that, well naturally...she thought I was referring to her, because she thought she was the bride and so naturally she just leaned in for a kiss and kissed that ring bearer!” said Bullard. Anderson’s kiss surprised everyone, especially the ring bearer, who according to Anderson is now her “best friend.” It was a beautiful moment that everyone at the wedding will remember for years to come.

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(h/t WBIR Knoxville)