Hollywood Realizes People Don't Like Bad Movies

The success of smart movies and the failure of talking-animal pictures is forcing Hollywood to rethink its strategies.

After the success of Inception and Avatar and the relative failure of movies like The A-Team or Sex and the City 2, Hollywood studios are having a revelation. In a world where people must pay $12 for a movie, they want to pay to see movies that are good.

“I believe there is a long-term danger to moviegoing if familiarity becomes too pervasive in the films we make,” said Chris Meladandri, the founder of Illumination. “The industry has a responsibility to its audience and to itself to make films that allow people to have a sense of discovery in the cinema.”


Sounds promising. Don't forget that these people who are going to give you that sense of discovery also made Marmaduke, so there may not quite be a golden age of cinema on the horizon. But at least they're getting on the right track.