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Here’s That IKEA-Inspired Furniture Construction Game You Always Wanted

All the fun of modular furniture-building with none of the actual furniture to show for it.

image via youtube screen capture

What is it that makes us go nuts for ready-to-assemble Scandinavian construction sets? Is it because building Lego models and IKEA furniture allows us to pretend—if only in a brief, superficial way—that we’re highly-skilled, master-craftsmen? Is it because there’s just something inherently satisfying about pieces designed to fit seamlessly into one another doing exactly that? Whatever the reason, our love for modular construction has turned Lego sets into movie stars, and IKEA furniture into a default dorm-room furnishing. And now, as Consumerist points out, there’s even a video game—the IKEA-inspired “Höme Improvisåtion”—to scratch your ready-to-assemble construction itch:

As you can see, the object of the game is to build more and more sets of modular furniture, but without the (moderately) helpful instructions that are usually provided. What’s more, Consumerist explains:’re not only stuck having to sort out the pieces sans instructions. Once you’ve put a peg into what you hope is its associated hole, it’s stuck.

Still, in the video game, as in real life, the modular pieces are truly that—modular. This means that, if they chose, players can experiment with atypical construction designs, and even work toward digitally recreating their favorite IKEA hacked piece of furniture. The game also features a multi-player mode, should someone want to demonstrate their building prowess to their equally modular-obsessed friends. And while you might not be left with an actual, physical piece of furniture for your efforts, I’m sure leveling-up feels just as satisfying.

Höme Improvisåtion is free to download for both PC and Mac, as well as to play online.

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